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  • DC charging pile simulation analyzer EV7004

    This series is used for online debugging, production line detection, on-site verification of DC charging pile products.

  • Water-cooled mold temperature machine MTC series

    Skoda MTC series water-cooled mold temperature controller is safe, environmentally friendly, simple, beautiful, high quality, efficient, intelligent, safe, stable, high efficiency, and strong compatibility. It is mainly composed of hot water tank, heat output water pipe and heat return water pipe, constant pressure pump, pressure control, flow control, temperature control, automatic drainage control and other modules. It is widely used in metal processing, electroplating industry, pharmaceutical engineering, air conditioning water cooling, Chemical light industry, food industry, machinery industry and other industries.

  • Controller aging test system

    Charger adapter industrial power supply aging test cabinet, special test instrument for testing charger, adapter and single group power supply, simulate high temperature and harsh environment test This series is widely used in power electronics, computer, communication industry and other fields, as well as charger, adapter, industrial power supply and other manufacturers' product performance testing and aging test, is an important equipment to improve product stability and reliability.

  • Programmable DC energy-saving feedback load module FLH series

    This series can be used in new energy, power, photovoltaic, communication related enterprises, scientific research institutes and testing institutions, effectively help enterprises intelligently manage their production lines, greatly reduce the electrical energy expenditure of the test link, reduce production costs, and improve aging capacity.

  • Programmable bidirectional DC power module FLD series

    The FLD series bidirectional DC power supply is specially developed for the testing and testing of vehicle chargers, motor controllers, drive motors and complete vehicles in the new energy electric vehicle industry. System testing and aging.

  • Programmable bidirectional DC power supply DS8100 series

    The series can be used for evaluation and testing of battery systems, power equipment, electric motors, elevators, cranes, light rails, hybrid components, simulation of vehicle and aircraft wiring systems, electronic process confirmation of process technology, inspection and cycle testing of energy buffer systems. Assist manufacturing enterprises to save testing time and improve the efficiency of mass production.

  • Programmable battery simulator BS8100

    This system has a built-in isolation transformer. Support energy feedback, support multi-channel output, channel parallel output, adapt to different application scenarios. At the same time, it supports the import of actual road conditions to record waves, which can simulate the real driving road conditions online.

  • AC charging pile simulation analyzer EV7003

    This series is used for online debugging, production line inspection, on-site inspection of AC charging pile products.

  • Battery charge and discharge machine DS8200 series

    The system is mainly composed of high-precision high-dynamic response test equipment power supply, battery pack automatic test software and test auxiliary accessories (such as code scanning gun, etc.).

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