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Large server power aging test system
Large server power aging test system

Large server power aging test system

Large-scale server power aging test system, dedicated server power supply, PC power supply design test system. Automatically collect voltage and current to monitor product aging status in real time. This series is widely used in product performance testing and aging test of 3C, industrial and other manufacturers. It is a production and quality control testing tool with wide application and high performance for industrial power supply.

◆   Features

● Up to 8 sets of output design, suitable for most products

● Separate input power control timing and dynamic load design to meet the simultaneous aging needs of different products

● Energy-saving aging load design to save costs

● Module automatic voltage and current collection, fast speed and high precision

● Multi-size, multi-interface customization, wide adaptability

● Standardized system control software, module design, simple operation and rich functions

● System software function supports customer customization, multi-function report format selection and customized output report

● System self-check function, automatically determine system problems, easy to maintain

● System multi-level authority management, using factory multi-level management application

● Acousto-optic abnormal alarm design, multiple protection mechanisms such as smoke detection protection, leakage protection, over temperature power failure

● Auxiliary heating and cooling system, support aging temperature control

◆   Applications
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◆   Technical Parameters


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