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OBC & DCDC production test system of car charger
OBC & DCDC production test system of car charger

OBC & DCDC production test system of car charger

OBC / DC-DC converter production test system for on-board charger is dedicated to the test system of electrical characteristics of various power car on-board power supply, on-board charger and other products. Specially prepared for the testing of on-board power supply and on-board charger for electric vehicles, based on QC / T895-2011 Conducted on-board charger for electric vehicles and GB / T24347-2009 National standards for DC / DC converters for electric vehicles, establishing and optimizing standard test items , Fast test speed, stable system operation, easy operation and quick start. This series is mainly used in the field of electric vehicle, electric bus, and special electric vehicle power supply manufacturing, effectively getting rid of the operational limitations of real vehicles as test devices.

◆   Features

● Specially designed to detect the characteristics of related power sources such as on-board D-D converters and on-board chargers for electric vehicles

● Flexible hardware configuration, strong system compatibility

● Modular system platform software

● Built-in vehicle power supply and charger standard test items

● Can simulate various mains conditions and test the output characteristics of charging equipment

● Automatically generate test report and set report format

● Support BAR Code barcode scanning

● Support MES information system data processing

● Operator use authority management

● With statistical analysis function

● Custom test tooling

● High cost performance, high stability, fast test speed

● Support GPIB / USB / RS232 / RS485 / CAN / LAN / I2C interface

● Windows operating platform

◆   Applications





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◆   Technical Parameters
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