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Service Policy

1. After the customer places an order, the project leader of the Skonda project department is responsible for the execution of the project.

2. After the contract is signed, the procurement of materials and equipment and the production of equipment shall be reasonably arranged in strict accordance with the delivery time, and the supply, transportation and on-site acceptance shall be arranged within the delivery time.

3. The products shall be tested strictly in accordance with the relevant product quality standards. After being qualified, the products shall not be shipped from the factory if they do not meet the standards.

4. The goods shall be transported to the designated receiving place of your company by logistics and steam transportation.

  • Service purposes

    Attentively provide professional services to make every customer satisfied!

  • Pledge

    ● 24 hours x365 days to quickly respond to customer needs

    ● Professional service team provides professional technical support and after-sales service

    ● Flexibly and effectively solve the problems raised by customers

    ● The whole process of the service strictly abides by the ISO9001 quality management system standard operation

  • Installation and commissioning

    Skonda technicians are responsible for the free installation and adjustment of the equipment until the equipment reaches the normal working state and can be operated safely.

Contact support

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Welcome to Skonda
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