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Programmable AC power supply AS2000
Programmable AC power supply AS2000

Programmable AC power supply AS2000

Programmable AC power supply-AS2000, a standard source for the detection of AC input electronic products by simulating changes in different city power in different regions. This series of pure alternating current with output voltage and frequency changing with time, through the internal digital waveform generation circuit, output a variety of varying voltage waveforms, thus simulating various normal or abnormal power supply phenomena, and can complete various key indicators Test.

◆   Features

● Power range: 3KVA, 6KVA, 9KVA

● Output voltage range: 0-320V / 0-500V (AS3600)

● Output frequency: 15-1KHZ

● Output phase mode: single-phase and three-phase

● Low distortion of output waveform, meet the test requirements of IEC regulations

● Editable output voltage, frequency, phase and waveform shape.

● The digital waveform editing function is included, which can output a variety of waveforms such as sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, etc.

● Three waveform editing modes (LIST, PULSE, STEP), easy to simulate the change of different city power around the world, very suitable for laboratory use

● Adopt PWM technology, the product is smaller and lighter

● The output end of the product is equipped with an electronic isolation device, which can prevent the interference of external signals

● The input line uses power factor correction design to improve PF over 0.98, in line with IEC regulations

● Provide TTL signal when output, suitable for system integration

● High-precision measurement loop, comprehensive parameter measurement (V / I / F / NANVAR / PF / lpeak / linrush)

● GPIB / RS232 communication interface (optional)

● With digital frequency synthesizer (DDS) waveform generation technology

◆   Applications


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◆   Technical Parameters


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