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Power Analyzer PA68 series
Power Analyzer PA68 series

Power Analyzer PA68 series

8930 / 8730C faces the energy saving market of electrical and electronic equipment, and is widely used in various fields from research and development to production lines. In home appliances and OA (Office Automation) equipment, industrial equipment, hybrid / electric vehicle batteries, solar / wind power generation related equipment and other electronic fields and electromechanical-integration field, power analyzers are widely used in product development, performance testing and quality Management of power consumption in processes such as management. In these fields, in the face of rising awareness of environmental protection and energy saving and lack of electricity, further energy saving is required in product design. In order to quickly put products with excellent energy-saving performance on the market, in the development and production of manufacturing plants, it is required to improve work efficiency. Power meters with higher measurement efficiency have become the general trend. High-speed measurement of various items can simultaneously measure voltage, current, power, accumulated energy conventional measurement items and harmonic analysis that need to perform calculations and other measurement items. The data update rate is faster and the measurement efficiency is greatly improved.

◆   Features

● Basic power accuracy: 0.2 grade soil (reading 0.1% + range 0.1%)

● Frequency bandwidth: DC, 0.5Hz ~ 100kHz

● Quick data update rate: 100ms

● Minimum current measurement: 5mA range (8730C)

● 40A high current measurement (8930)

● Strong support for production line quality assurance and useful functions for product development

● Auto range function in integration mode

● Simultaneous measurement of voltage, current, power and harmonics

● Rich communication interfaces: USB, RS485 and RS232, Ethernet (optional)

● Compact half-rack size

● The attached standard PC software can display parameters such as values and harmonics

◆   Applications

Car battery or DC drive test / battery charge and discharge full data recording and measurement.

It can directly measure high current up to 20A, and can test the DC of the car without using an external current sensor.

The driving device can provide users with economical and accurate evaluation methods.

The battery's charge and discharge energy (+/- Wh, +/- Ah) is measured, and the instant is captured at a high sampling rate of about 100K / s.

Positive and negative values are integrated separately. While presenting the true characteristics of the battery, it can also help users cut costs and improve the efficiency of inverter / motor testing and maintenance.

For battery-powered products such as portable devices and electric bicycles, engineers must often do short-term charge and discharge tests under actual working conditions. Because the 8730C uses a digital sampling system, it can continuously integrate each rapidly changing charge and discharge current and power. This is very effective in calculating and evaluating battery life using ampere-hours and watt-hours.


◆   Purchase information

In recent years, with the increasing call for energy saving, the demand for high-precision measurement of motor / inverter efficiency has gradually increased. The 8930 can provide 3 voltage and 3 current inputs, and can perform high-precision measurements in the efficiency evaluation of single-phase input / three-phase output inverters.

Motor expansion function accessories (optional) are selected. While observing changes in voltage, current and power, you can also observe changes in speed and torque, calculate and display mechanical power and total efficiency.

◆   Technical Parameters


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