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LED DC electronic load-EL3000L
LED DC electronic load-EL3000L

LED DC electronic load-EL3000L

LED DC electronic load is a high-precision instrument dedicated to simulate the nonlinear characteristics of LED. The built-in LED internal resistance simulation circuit can simulate the lotus wave current of the LED device, and the fast load response characteristics also meet the PWM dimming test requirements. This series can be applied to the load simulation of various LED drive power supplies and is the first choice for production testing and quality control in the LED field.

◆   Features

● A variety of load module options to meet all LED drive power testing

● Voltage: 0-80V / 0-600V; single module maximum current up to 20A

● Dual channel module (EL3112L), one frame can provide 8-channel load

● Unique LED mode, perfectly simulate the nonlinear curve of LED

● 32-bit ARM core, fast response for PWM dimming test

● 9 groups of static load rapid switching

● Programmable automatic operation over 100 sets of load changes, storing 1000 sets of data

● Built-in load special waveform simulation function

● Quick and convenient OCP working mode

● Communication speed is 1/3 faster than traditional load

● Compatible with various mainstream load communication commands

● Perfect protection function (OVROCROPROTP, REV)

● GPIB / RS-232 communication port

◆   Applications


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◆   Technical Parameters


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