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Portable DC charging pile test and measurement comprehensive instrument PEV7002
Portable DC charging pile test and measurement comprehensive instrument PEV7002

Portable DC charging pile test and measurement comprehensive instrument PEV7002

Skoda portable DC charging pile test and measurement comprehensive instrument PEV7002 has the interoperability specification test, communication protocol conformance test and measurement verification test stipulated in the national standard. It is mainly used in various performance tests, communication protocol tests and metrological verification of newly installed DC charging piles, charging piles after maintenance, and upgraded and modified charging piles. The comprehensive instrument has the characteristics of high precision, small size, light weight, easy to carry, etc. It can meet the measurement and performance tests in various occasions such as laboratory and field. The comprehensive instrument has a measurement module that meets the "JJG 1149-2018 electric vehicle non-vehicle charger" measurement verification procedures, and the software function module implements the "GB / T 34657.1-2017 electric vehicle conductive charging interoperability test specification Part 1 power supply equipment" test project Claim. The software function module fulfills the test requirements of the test project of "GB / T 34658-2017 Communication Protocol Conformance Test between Non-vehicle Conductive Chargers of Electric Vehicles and Battery Management System". Built-in simulation vehicle BMS software, the software meets the "GB / T 27930-2015 electric vehicle off-board conductive charger and battery management system communication protocol" protocol standard and compatible with GB / T 27930-2011 version requirements. Equipped with two 250A rechargeable gun holders, and meets the requirements of "GB / T 20234.3-2015 Connection Device for Conductive Charging of Electric Vehicles Part 3: DC Charging Interface".

◆   Features

● The comprehensive instrument has the functions of measurement verification, interoperability specification test, protocol conformance test and BMS simulation test.

● Equipped with 4G, LAN, RS232, WIFI and other communication methods.

● Test data can be uploaded to the enterprise server through the 4G network.

● With battery external terminals to meet the external power supply needs

● With special instrument calibration terminals to meet the laboratory calibration requirements of the comprehensive instrument

● It has terminal terminals for signal voltage, current, CC1, CAN, auxiliary power supply, abnormal synchronization signal, etc., which can be connected to other test instruments for signal testing and inspection

● When measuring, the load is allowed to connect to the real vehicle or any simulated load

● It has the function of detecting the ambient temperature, calculates the error caused by the temperature according to the actual working scene temperature, and judges the measurement result.

● With GPS time synchronization function, the charger can be tested for Beijing time synchronization error.

● With charging timing test interface, it can be connected to the front-end voltage of K1K2 relay, gun feedback S signal, emergency stop pile end signal

● The synthesizer has 8-channel timing synchronization measurement function, which can meet the interoperability test related timing test, specifically T1,. , T12, T13, T11-> T13, T14, T15, T16, T17, T19, etc.

● Control pilot voltage limit test item, the control pilot circuit conforms to the principle of the control pilot circuit in "GB / T 18487.1-2015 Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging System Part 1: General Requirements", built-in K5, K6 switch state simulation function , Built-in R4 resistance simulation module, resistance adjustment range 4002 ~ 500092, step 10.

● Insulation reverse connection module: It can meet the insulation and reverse connection test of the charger, the test voltage access range is 0V ~ 1000V, the insulation resistance adjustment range is l0kQ ~ 610kQ, and the step is 5kQ. .

● It has the function of measuring DC charging pile voltage, current, auxiliary power supply voltage and CC1 voltage.

● Integrated battery voltage simulator with a voltage range of 0-1000V, which is used to test the timing sequence of charging pile startup.

● BMS communication message can be exported, the message is in EXCEL format, and with message analysis comments.

● Built-in standard national standard test items, automatic testing and report generation of the set-up procedures to facilitate changes and upgrades of national standard items.

● It has the function of generating test report template, and generates test report format according to customer's layout format. The report format can be TXT, EXECL, XLC, WORD.

● Test project sub-modularity, network data interface, support cross-platform calling.

● The test module input and output standard data of the software platform is structured, and the analysis and calling are convenient.

● It has a 10-inch high-definition LCD touch screen, which is convenient for users to touch and operate.

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