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High-power DC electronic load
High-power DC electronic load

High-power DC electronic load

High-power series electronic load is a high-precision instrument dedicated to simulate the load change of low-voltage high-power products. This series can simulate high-speed dynamic load changes with a change frequency of 20KHz, and can simulate more stringent dynamic load changes. This series can be used for load simulation of high-power switching power supply, power supply equipment, power battery pack and electronic component testing.

◆   Features

● Voltage: 0-100V; Maximum current: 900A; Power: 1.8KW-19.2KW

● Four static loading modes of constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance and constant power

● High-speed dynamic load, the highest frequency reaches 20KHz

● Load waveform simulation function

● Low-voltage full-load characteristics: 0.7V up to rated load current (EL1260)

● Battery discharge simulation and measurement discharge time function

● Quick OCP test function

● Programmable switching of multiple groups of loads

● High precision voltage, current and power measurement

● ARM control technology, fast communication speed

● Compatible with many similar products communication commands, system integration is simpler

● With over voltage, over current and power, over temperature, reverse protection function

● RS232 / GPIB communication interface

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