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Programmable DC power supply DS series
Programmable DC power supply DS series

Programmable DC power supply DS series

The programmable DC power supply DS series is a power supply product with high-precision voltage / current output characteristics and measurement. This series can meet the testing needs of different products such as high voltage and small current / low voltage and high current to the maximum extent. With RS-232 (standard) / GPIB / RS485 / CAN / LAN communication interface, it can be used for ATE integration. The remote voltage compensation circuit allows The output is more accurate. This series can be used in laboratories, research and development, production testing and quality control departments. It is the first choice for production testing and quality control.

◆   Features

● Constant power architecture, wider voltage / current output range

● Remote voltage compensation (Remote Sense)

● Small volume, high power supply: 2-4U height standard cabinet width

● Perfect protection function: overvoltage, current limit, overtemperature

● Voltage 0-1000V; current 0-100A, multiple models to choose

● Full color LCD screen, numeric keyboard, more convenient operation

● Input PFC power correction design, power factor> 0.95

● ARM control technology, optimized instruction format, fast communication speed

● Multiple power supplies can be connected in parallel to obtain more power

● RS232 (standard / GPIB / RS485 / CAN / LAN communication port

● Programmable analog special voltage change waveform

◆   Applications


◆   Purchase information


◆   Technical Parameters

程控直流电源 DS系列(图1)

程控直流电源 DS系列(图2)

程控直流电源 DS系列(图3)

程控直流电源 DS系列(图4)

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