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Programmable AC power supply AS1000
Programmable AC power supply AS1000

Programmable AC power supply AS1000

Programmable AC power supply-AS1000, highly reliable and stable AC variable frequency power supply, voltage output range 0-600V, frequency 40-500HZ, output sinusoidal AC waveform pure, small harmonic content, stable output frequency, good continuity, measurement accuracy high. This series is suitable as the test input for all domestic industrial frequency input electronic products and can be integrated for various test systems.

◆   Features

● Output voltage: 0-300V (optional 600V)

● Output frequency: 45-120HZ (optional 40-500HZ)

● Digital frequency synthesizer (DDS) waveform generation technology, stable output frequency, good continuity, high measurement accuracy

● Suitable for testing the peak current of nonlinear loads

● Commonly used parameter memory function, can store 3 sets of voltage and frequency parameters, output time can be set, the shortest 1mS

● RS232 / RS485 communication interface, command execution time is less than 10mS

● Measurement function: voltage, current, power, frequency, PF, Ipeak, etc.

● Resistance time within 20mS

● Input and output isolation

◆   Applications


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◆   Technical Parameters

程控交流电源 AS1000(图1)

程控交流电源 AS1000(图2)

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